Doxology and an Epiphany: A Birthday in Heaven

Today is January 6th. It is your birthday, Chad. It’s taken me all day to find words worthy of the person you were and your legacy. January 6th is also a few other things.

Some call it Old Christmas. It was old Christmas from the times before our present day calendar. So, it is the day people used to celebrate as December 25th. I have a feeling if you’d have known this, you’d have told everyone. You would have been proud to have been born on Old Christmas if for no other reason than to say you knew you WERE a gift. I doubt you’d let your siblings forget that!

Today is also the Feast of the Epiphany. This celebrates the baptism of Jesus, and we celebrate it 12 days after Christmas because it represented the amount of time it took for the magi, or wise men, to get to Jesus. They recognized Jesus as the son of God. Today, I had a different epiphany. You- of all people- deserve a birthday on the day we celebrate the wise men seeing Jesus. You were wise. You always knew exactly what to do. If you didn’t, which wasn’t often, you would know where to find the information. It was your speciality. This birthday, you get to celebrate seeing Jesus. No matter how hard I try, I cannot comprehend this on many levels. For one, it’s so hard to believe you are gone. The last 8 months I spent most time pretending you are finally getting the vacation you deserved more than anyone I know. I couldn’t accept the reality. Another reason I find it difficult to imagine is I can’t fathom seeing Jesus face to face. I am positive there is no better gift.

January 6th is the day we celebrate the manifestation of Christ’s glory being realized. What a birthday for you! Happiest birthday, Chad. You were a gift, and you were a wise man. I hope you got a big hug from Jesus today.

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